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My main focus at White Oak Horticultural Services is to safely rid your yard of ticks. While many other tick control companies have a similar motto, most will try to sell you as many applications as possible to eliminate your tick infestation. I will never offer an unnecessary tick treatment, and I will be the only applicator of product to your property, meaning you don't have to worry about somebody who isn't fully invested in the outcome of the treatment.

I started as a Tick Spraying business in 2009, and developed into a full service landscape care company, including tick control, ornamental tree and shrub maintenance and deer repellent. I am dedicated to protecting you and your loved ones from dangerous, lyme disease carrying Blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks.  I use the safest and most effective products currently available and I time my applications so that the impact on other beneficial insects is minimal.

Along with tick spraying I specialize in identifying insect damage and diseases on ornamental trees and shrubs.  I offer fully customized, cost effective, spray programs to protect all of your ornamental landscape plantings. A lot of time and money goes into designing a beautiful landscape, I can protect that investment with deep root fertilization, insect and fungus control, and deer repellents.

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