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My main focus at White Oak Horticultural Services is to safely rid your yard of ticks. While many other tick control companies have a similar motto, most will try to sell you as many applications as possible to eliminate your tick infestation. I will never offer an unnecessary tick treatment, and I will be the only applicator of product to your property, meaning you don't have to worry about somebody who isn't fully invested in the outcome of the treatment.

I started in 2009, specializing in tick control, diagnosing and treating biotic disorders of trees and shrubs, including fungal diseases and various insect pests, and treating trees and shrubs for nutrient deficiencies. I believe in an Integrated Pest Management approach to dealing with biotic disorders, which means I believe in the judicious use of pesticides, and consider their impact on the environment, instead of arbitrarily applying them. I also offer winter deer repellent applications.

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