Tick Spraying Services

Ticks Love Snow Too

Fortunately the snow is finally melting, unfortunately that means thousands of hungry ticks are going to be searching for a meal. Snow provides a great insulator for ticks. It protects them from cold, drying winds and from many predators. Don't let them snack on you or your loved ones. Contact White Oak Horticultural Services at 203.217.6875 for safe and effective tick spraying solutions. 

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Did you know ticks actively feed in Winter?

Although ticks become less active in these colder months of Winter, they are not completely dormant. Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones by performing a tick check.

  • Check your clothing for ticks before re-entering your home. Ticks can be carried inside and find a host later on. If you do not spot any but are concerned because you were in a heavily wooded area, place your clothes in the dryer, 10 minutes on high heat will kill any tick. 
  • Shower soon after returning. Showering may rinse off any ticks that have not yet attached to feed. 
  • Check your entire body for any ticks you may have missed and run a comb through your hair. Use a full length mirror and pay special attention to armpits, behind your knees, around your ears, belly button, and between your legs. 
Staying alert this Winter can help prevent the transmission of Lyme Disease.

Experts Warn of a Dangerous Tick Season!


With the uncommonly warm winter CT just had, experts are expecting an increase in the number of ticks this spring, and more alarming, an increase in the number of ticks carrying Lyme's Disease. Check out this report from WTNH. Treating your property this Spring will significantly reduce the risk of picking a deer tick this year. If you would like more information please contact me at 203-217-6875 or at whtoakservices@aol.com

Ticks Bite!

This is a picture of a tick's mouth parts. A tick's mouth is designed to embed itself into your skin without you feeling it. Here is what happens when a tick bites you. Once it bites, it begins to release a chemical that numbs your skin so that it can remain there for as long as possible. The longer it stays attached the more bacteria and disease it can spread. In order to remove an embedded tick, you should use fine tipped tweezers. Grasp it as close to your skin as possible and pull it straight up. DO NOT TWIST! You do not want that thing remaining inside you. Once it's removed you should clean the area with soap and water. The best way to avoid a tick bite is to avoid heavily tick infested areas. If that is not an option, wear long pants and sleeves and use an insect repellent containing DEET. 

Protecting your property, however, is as easy as clicking here. Professionally applied barrier tick spraying can eliminate 98% or more of the tick population on your property. Tick spray treatments are applied to wooded areas that border your property. That is where the majority of ticks live and wait to enter your yard. Treatments are 100% safe upon drying.

Don't get bit this season! Let White Oak Horticultural Services rid your property of these parasites!

Why Should I Spray My Yards For Ticks?


Universities agree that the most effective way to rid your yard from ticks with a professional permitter tick spray.

A high powered sprayer is required to move around leaf litter in order for the product to come in contact with ticks and kill them. Hand held and back pack sprayers simply do not get the job done. Gas powered backpack mist blowers are a better option to other handheld sprayers but still do not penetrate as effectively as as a high powered hose sprayer. My product is completely safe once dry and will not leach into the soil, so it can not contaminate ground water. Contact me today for a free consultation.