Did you know ticks actively feed in Winter?

Although ticks become less active in these colder months of Winter, they are not completely dormant. Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones by performing a tick check.

  • Check your clothing for ticks before re-entering your home. Ticks can be carried inside and find a host later on. If you do not spot any but are concerned because you were in a heavily wooded area, place your clothes in the dryer, 10 minutes on high heat will kill any tick. 
  • Shower soon after returning. Showering may rinse off any ticks that have not yet attached to feed. 
  • Check your entire body for any ticks you may have missed and run a comb through your hair. Use a full length mirror and pay special attention to armpits, behind your knees, around your ears, belly button, and between your legs. 
Staying alert this Winter can help prevent the transmission of Lyme Disease.